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School’s Out for Summer Posted On 02 August 2021

Ideas to keep the kids entertained


The school holidays mark six weeks of glorious free time. No school, no homework, no pressure, right? As a parent the seemingly endless six week stretch of untimetabled hours can appear to wind dauntingly into the distance with no clear path or end in sight. Read on to discover some ideas to help keep the kids entertained, whether they’re primary or secondary age…


Primary Age – they need and want you. Taking the time to connect and spend time with your kids doing an activity you both enjoy will allow them to open up and talk to you when they need to.

Things you could do:

Play a ball game – Football, catch, basketball, dodgeball, there are endless options to choose from. You don’t need a court or even a garden to play. Head to your nearest local green space, grab a ball and ask your child what they’d like to play.

Ready, set…bake – Keep it simple with baking, the joy should be in creating something delicious together, not stressing when your macarons won’t set. Think fairy cakes, traybakes, energy balls or scones. Why not take your creations and have a picnic outside?

Explore – Stick a pin on a map somewhere close by that neither of you have got to and try your best to get there. Switch off your phones, avoid distractions and hone your teamwork skills.

Yoga Time – An easy one to do at home, whatever the weather. Find a space with a soft carpet or use a mat/towel. Unsure where to start? Have a quick search on YouTube for beginner workouts or ones aimed at children.


Secondary Age – notoriously tricky to entertain. Entertaining your teen in the summer seems to be an age-old quest for parents. Whilst relishing the break in routine, no early mornings, after-school practice etc, it’s fair to bet your teenager isn’t too thrilled about hanging around the house for six weeks.

Things you could do:

Learn a new skill – During school-time, reading, writing, maths, science, music etc must be the focus. The holidays are a great time to explore a new hobby, be it painting, drawing or programming.

Get a Job – As long as they meet the age requirements, having a summer job is a great option for teens. They will learn responsibility and the value or earning their own money. Part-time jobs such as baby sitting or completing odd jobs for neighbours is a good way to ease them into the world of work!

Let them relax – Let’s face it, they’ve done a whole year at school, they’ll be tired! They need a break from routine just as much as you do. It’s okay if they sleep in or spend a few afternoons watching tv. Relaxation is a skill in itself.

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